Mariella Kaveo


Mariella Kaveo is a Dutch actress and model with Spanish roots in her blooming twenties.

Born in Madrid, but moved to the Netherlands three weeks after birth. She grew up in a Dutch city named ‘s-Hertogenbosch. As a child she made up her own plays with her little sister and played/acted along with her favorite movies.

Besides acting she loved to dance. Every day after school she danced for hours in her own dance studio that she created in her attic. She went to weekly (street)dance classes at the local ballet school and performed in several dance shows in Dutch theaters.

After finishing high school Mariella went to Tilburg University where she got a Master degree in Leisure Studies & Business Communication. Whilefocussing on her study, she put aside her passion for acting and dance.

After graduating she started a fulltime job at a Dutch bank. Her career was growing pretty fast and worked as a Social Media Specialist and Marketing Consultant.


Meanwhile I realized more and more that my actually successful corporate career, wasn’t the career I dreamt of and felt passionate about. I got carried away by the standards of society. So… I had the urge to start off on a different path and live my dreams.

While working at the bank, I was asked to be part of ‘The Bachelor‘ and I loved working in front of the camera. And I instantly got my feeling back for acting and entertainment. So I thought: “Why not give acting classes a shot?” And in what better place can you learn about acting than in Hollywood?!

Since I’ve always worked on my business career, I thought it was time to do something more expressive and creative. I decided to quit my job at thebank and moved to LA to go to acting school and follow my passion.

I found an intensive acting course at the New York Film Academy. I learned different acting techniques and methods, I did some movie projects and worked at major film studios like Universal Studios and Warner Studios. I totally felt I belonged in the film and entertainment business.

When I got back to the Netherlands, I started out on acting and modeling jobs. As an actress I worked on commercials, in Dutch TV shows, films and some music video’s.  

I actually never expected to grow in the model world, which I actually really like besides acting. I’ve done several print campaigns and even an underwear runway show (it’s wasn’t Victoria’s Secret though ;)).

I just love working on all aspects of film, in front of the camera, but also behind the camera creating concepts and videos. That’s why I started MKvO MEDIA, my company in video production and creative concepts. I worked on films, TV/online shows and documentaries, especially in the dance music industry. I’ve worked with dj’s like Chuckie, Nicky Romero and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

My latest film project is the feature dance movie Shake it Off, which will be released in Dutch cinemas in 2018.

I get inspired and motivated by outstanding, creative and passionate people. It also makes me happy to inspire, entertain and motivate people. 

Keep track of my journey on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and follow my travel vlogs & LA experiences on my Youtube channel Hippsetters.

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